Alexandre Vassiliev: there’s not still a world-famous bride, who has chosen a dress for her wedding day, created by a Baltic designer. - BalticBridalShow
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Alexandre Vassiliev: there’s not still a world-famous bride, who has chosen a dress for her wedding day, created by a Baltic designer.

A very well known in Lithuania Set designer, Interior designer, Fashion historian, Art critic and Collector Alexandre Vassiliev has a lot of bridal dresses in his collection which he exibits during his exhibitions. Not only he follows creations of few designers – their trends, changes and innovations, but he also remembers their first fashion shows. A known man in his interviu for the “L`Oréal Professionnel Baltic Bridal Fashion Show” mentiones the fact that as far as he knows, there’s not still a world-famous bride, who has chosen a dress for her wedding day, created by a Baltic designer. With an upcoming new wedding season and brides looking for their perfect designer, the Baltics Bridal Fashion Show will take place and the newest collections of bridal dresses creators from Baltics will be represented. Due to this event, we’re talking to A. Vassiliev about the first fashion shows and we disscuss how Baltic designers can become world famous. At the end of this interview he tells us about the bridal style that he admires the most.

If we analyse a wedding dress from the histroical point of view, what kind of story could you tell?

A.V. The idea of white wedding dress has been born only two hundred years ago. There were no such idea as wedding dress in the history of fashion and every nice dress was considering to be a wedding dress. And ladies, when they had money and chance to get an expensive dress, let’s say in the 16th or 17th, 18th century, they would prefer a dress that could be used multiple times. So, it won’t be escpecially, ofcourse, white in color, it could be green, gold, blue, whatsoever, pink even. But when the Napoleon came to power in the early 19th century, his sister, Caroline, who married prince Murat, became princess Murat, was the very first lady who ever wore the white dress for wedding. And since all the fashion of the Imperia – which is represented in my exhibiotion now at the end of this hall – they were all white, it became fashionable to wear white for wedding and this fashion last for two hundred years and right now we all consider white as the color of wedding dresses. And nowadays, ladies are getting wedding dress or ordering wedding dress for a single occasion. They don’t have any idea for a multiple use.

What are the first known wedding dresses and bridal style accessories that you could mention? What kind of personalities worn them and which period would that be?

A.V. For example, if you see how wedding was made in India or in China or in Ancient Egypt – it was mainly considered over the crown. A crown is the main accessory, right now ladies are using white flowers or some kind of flower decoration around their face for wedding which is the custom and more oftenly done. Although, in the past there were gold leaves and diamonds and different sorts of decorations. But one thing which is common to many religions is a veil. When you cover yourself with a veil and it’s very antic Jewish tradition that proceeded in Catholic world as well.

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Bridal styles fashion shows – what are they like? When were they organised for the first time? Who used to participate in such shows?

A.V. Well, very first fashion show was ever done by Paul Poiret, the famous French designer of the early 20th century in the garden of his house in Paris. Since that each designer wants to provide public with a fashion show. But wedding dresses are very seldome case of a fashion show. Each fashion show in the world finishes with one wedding dress.

Is there such a phenomenon as Baltic fashion? Bridal fashion?

A.V. No, Baltic Bridal Fashion is not phenomenal at all, because there’s no one famous bride in the word that’ve been dressed for her wedding by a great Baltic designer, as far as I know. And second, but of course, Baltic style in fashion does exist, it’s a very straight forward ashion that very often use very few colors. In Baltics, there’s no taste for multicolor dresses. But it’s because of the nature of your countries. People like so much nature colors of stone, wood, water, sand that they’re using those colors very often, I’d say. Yes, which is not bad. It could be very elegant. I would say, Baltic designers are very elegant designers. What they’re doing is super. Super. Althought, it doesn’t please to everyone. But fashion can’t please everyone as well. What Chineese are doing doesn’t please to Spanish. And Cuban fashion doesn’t become to, let’s say, Turkish. You see?

How to become worldwide famous as a wedding designer from Baltics?

A.V. Follow the example of Juozas Statkevičius, show your things and try to…First of all, get an Instagram, it’s a very first thing now. Publicise every single day your new design, some great photos, some great shoots and some great news about the fashion house. And get lots of subscribers. I have an Instagram. But I would say that Internet is the main source of popularity for Baltic designers nowadays. They should publicise them and do it in two languages – native and English. Otherwise it will never work. Because many designers write just in Lithuanian – nobody can read it.

Bridal style in 2017 – where is the key focus? What are the global trends?

A.V. I wouldn’t say that there’s a key focus. In ourdays fashion is focused on the 90ies, 1990, the main style of today is called Neo Grunge. So, everything is oversized, everything is very big, there’ re lots of Scottish fabrics, like tate, black and red, lots of reds nowadays, like red glasses. Now this is fashion, I’m sorry to say. So, fashion is not much for bridal dresses, but bridal dresses I would say are oriented towards East and I would say, that Muslim fashion influence bridal fashion more than we thouhgt. Because lots of Muslims move to Europe and Germnay, France, England and Italy are full of Muslims and they dictate their rules. And for them wedding is very important. It’s the reunion of the whole family, two hundred people are coming, they are singing, dancing and they are changing many dresses. Sometimes Oriental bride would change 3 times in one day. For them it’s pretty custom. And everything should be closed in their mind, so I would say, that this direction is a direction that we’re taking now.

Please, tell us about your favourite bridal style. It can be a historical personality, movie character or a real woman. Please, explain why.

A.V. Difficult to say, but as a movie character, some very pretty bridal style you can find in a movie “How to Marry a Millionaire” starring Marylin Monroe.